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What They're Saying About Us

Rising Stars Guide to Show Biz Kids and Their Parents - a Book An email letter from one of our visitors:


I'm so grateful to have found your site. Here in upstate New York (5 hours away from the city) the resources are few for kids who want to take acting seriously.

My 7 year old daughter loves it! She had her first taste at 2 1/2 yrs. old, when she was videotaped on location by a local PBS station that liked her so much they're still running the promo featuring her (a little moppet lisping, "You're watching WiCkNeY Kids!) Then last spring a local theatre company started classes for kids - she's been taking Acting/Musical Theatre/Dance there for a year and has done three musicals, "Cinderella", "Beauty and the Beast" and "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" in the kid's ensemble.

Her heartfelt wish was to be back on WCNY-TV (the PBS affiliate that gave her that first taste of acting) and she had her chance, when she auditioned with 80 other kids and won a role as "Queen of the World" in a little girl's tea-party promo. The producer liked her so much - she's easygoing and a quick study - that they asked her back to do voiceovers for their children's programming schedule.

Now this week she's going for her first "job" audition - a training film for kids on safety funded by the New York State Department of Health. Both this audition and the earlier one (her first) were by word of mouth - she's developed a good reputation here in Syracuse and people seem to like to recommend her because she reflects well on them. She's excited because even though she may be a bit young for their needs, the woman involved in casting also produces the children's show "Pappyland" which was created here in Syracuse, and she occasionally has kids on there.

So everything in your web site has given me food for thought. I'm grateful for your practical advice, and your BALANCED, CENTERED approach. One woman in town talks about taking her daughter to 40 auditions down in NYC - pulling her kid out of school for nearly 50 days last year - and how horrible it was, even though she finally got a toilet paper commercial. She seemed so hard and tough, it was discouraging. I believed that kids could have fun and build self-esteem and gain a sense of accomplishment, but lost that spirit after talking with her. Thank goodness you've restored it.

I've subscribed to your newsletter, and look forward to all the practical advice I know you'll share. Thanks for putting up this web site, and for doing what you do."

Linda D'A., New York (mother of 7 year old rising star Joanna)

Thank You, David. . .


The card says it all but I wanted to drop you a line & thank-you for not just being Sean’s manager but also someone who really cares about Sean. Thank-you just doesn’t seem like enough to say for such thoughtfulness. We feel so blessed to have you in our lives and when Sean is at an audition and someone asks who his agent is, he says with great pride and a big smile, “David Matis is my manager.” Rex, Devin, and I feel so comfortable knowing you will guide Sean in all the right directions to make his experience in the entertainment world not only successful but safe and enjoyable. So, Thank-you Thank-you, Thank-you for just being you.


Debbie Unruh

About David's Book:

"A surefooted guide into the curious world of children in the entertainment industry. Parents will do well to heed this advice."

-- Paul Petersen, "The Donna Reed Show," president and founder of A Minor Consideration.

Terrific Kids:

"..You and your kids were terrific on "The Morning Show" . . . I appreciate not only your time and helpfulness, but also your graciousness and good humor!"

-- Kathee Yamamoto, The Morning Show

About David:

"I really can't say enough good things about David. He is an asset to this industry. He gives managers a good name. . . I have always found him honest and with great integrity. . . I would never hesitate to recommend David Matis for any endeavor."

-- Cathy Coulter,
Talent Agent

About Our Clients:

"...Thank you for your considerable help in discovering and preparing the young people you have sent to us for agency representation. . . We especially appreciate your taking the time to continually work with your clients to improve their skills and evaluate their progress. "

-- Dick Woody, Talent Agent


Another Thank you . . .

"We appreciate all of your efforts in dealing with the agency and thank you for your time, your professionalism, and all of your wonderful and talented clients!"

-- Stephanie Frank,
Talent Agent

Josiah says Thanks.

"Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all of the time you have invested in Josiah's career. Your encouragement and enthusiasm has been the key to our enjoying every aspect of this business.

"Thanks again,"

-- Donna and Josiah

Kids and their Parents:

"We would like to recommend you and Rising Stars to any child wanting to get into the business. It's a rare occasion to find an individual who's capable of being trusted in helping determine a child's future."

-- Catherine M. and her Mom

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"As the parent of two boys 'In the Business,' I would highly recommend David Matis as a personal manager. He has great knowledge of the industry and the talent to bring the best out in the kids, encourage them, and give the confidence in their ability. Best of all, both the kids and I really enjoy working with him!"

-- Sincerely, Marie Hathaway

College Fund:

"I would like to formally express my appreciation for all your ongoing efforts which are making my daughter Chyna's college fund a reality. At 8 months of age, she has already earned several hundred dollars from her first job.

"I now realize how truly fortunate she is to have a good manager; thanks to your specific instructions and guidelines, Chyna landed a job on her second audition.! If you have any prospective clients who are wondering if a manager is really worth (it), let them read this letter or have them call me so I can personally convince them that the answer is an emphatic "Yes!"

-- Linda Giacalone,
Chyna's Mom

What parents are saying about the book.
Rising Stars Guide to Show Biz Kids and Their Parents - a Book

"The information you shared was both helpful and encouraging. When it came time to find an agent and make the commitment, I felt I had some perspective into the business. . . You answered all my questions"

-- "Gina Marie, mother of Dyllan Christopher

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In Appreciation:

This is written in appreciation for you from the four Allen girls. We certainly would be out of the business, or at least frustrated by this somewhat volatile industry if it were not for you. Instead, your guidance, support, knowledge, cheering and caring have made the difference.

You have truly been with us every (sometimes tiny) step of the way. Thank you so much for your attention to my concerns about the business in general, about the audition process, and about each one of the girls and their individual needs. You have been so patient and terrific with providing information, walking us through step-by-step and just being available.

As a mother, I feel that your judgment, honesty and concern for the children is of utmost importance.

In this fun, exciting, frustrating and crazy business, we sure are honored and glad to be your clients. Your services are invaluable to us and you have definitely earned those commissions. We look forward to singing your praises at the Academy Awards.

Lori Allen & the Girls

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"Show Biz Emotional Roller Coaster"

The first time I sent my wife to visit David, I asked that she leave the checkbook behind. However, to my surprise (and all our neighbors) David requested no money up front, and his terms were simple; he would get paid if our child got paid.

Children's schedules are never easy, and although my wife was very enthusiastic about auditions, our children always came first. Doctor's appointments have substituted auditions on more than on occasion. David has always understood our priorities. In fact, I think he looks for parents with just such values.

Helping not our child, but my wife (and sometimes myself) on the "show-biz emotional roller coaster" has probably been David's greatest contribution. The excitement of the audition, the long wait for a response, the disappointment of a rejection, the jubilation of getting a part or even a call back, the frustration as your child decides to cry as multimillion dollar actors and actresses stand by waiting on a scene make this "roller coaster" very bumpy. David is always able to put everything in its perspective, which has made the whole experience a positive one for us and our children.

This would not be much of a letter of recommendation if we did not tell you about David's experience, contacts with the industry and professionalism. David's experience can almost speak for itself as he has written books on children in show business. The list of movies, commercials, and TV shows that include his clients is impressive. David's advice on contracts and handling the unusual situations has always been appropriate.

My wife and I would strongly recommend David Matis and "Rising Stars" for you and your children.

Sincerely, Joe Schuelke

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"Why do I need a Manager?"

It's about time we let you know how appreciative we are for all you've done for Eric in getting him going in this business. Rising Stars has been the best thing to come along for the Bell family.

I have people ask me all the time why I need a manager. They say, "Isn't that awfully expensive?" My reply is that if we didn't have David Matis, we simply wouldn't be in the business at all. I never would have known where to go for the things I needed, how to go about finding an agent, where to go for pictures, how to prepare my child for interviews, for auditions, for what to expect on the set. I just didn't know anything about the business.

Our main goal in starting this whole project was to have Eric start a college fund. He is now on his way to being able to have his choice of schools, regardless of Mom and Dad's financial situation.

Another by-product of this has been Eric's increased self-esteem. He was always a child I worried about. No more. Eric feels very good about himself and it shows in all he's involved in. He is extremely confident in his ability to accomplish anything - in school, in sports, in this business.

No, this business is not for everyone, and no - a manager is not for everyone. We've just felt very lucky in finding that this business and David Matis were right for us.

Thanks so very much, Donna Bell

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"Realizing her dreams. . ."

Before Maxcy met David Matis of Rising Stars Talent, she had an agent, but was going out on auditions very infrequently, and there was no sense of direction. It was very discouraging, until we signed with David's management company.

Quickly, his advice and expertise began to have a major impact on Maxcy's career. His warm understanding of children and twenty years experience in the talent business have given him a unique ability to help Maxcy realize her dreams. Maxcy is doing better than I could have ever imagined, and I honestly don't believe we could have done this without David's help. Thank you, David.

Warmly and with love, Karla and Maxcy Jacobson.

All Testimonials are on file in our office and are available for your inspection.

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